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Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Alembic Herbals

Alembic Herbals

Formulated by Z'ev Rosenberg, LAc, OMD

Alembic Herbals are stand-alone formulas based on the observations of venerable Chinese scholars, such as Li Dong-yuen, Zhang Zhong-jing, Hua-to, Sun Si-miao and Zhang Xi-chun. These great masters realized that the power of a great formula is more than the sum total of its ingredients. The proper combination and interaction of herbs, based on the timeless principles of Chinese herbology, has a much greater effect than herbs taken individually. Each herb has complex character composed of flavor, thermal influence, channel organ affinities and floating or sinking vector movement. Alembic Herbals captures these elegant ideas and the principles of classic Chinese herbologists, applying their wisdom to support health.

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Alembic Herbals
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