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For Practitioners

We are a US manufacturer of traditional and modern herbal products for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, veterinarians, and related health practitioners driven by our passion to help people enjoy better health through herbs.


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If you’re new to Kan Herb Company, welcome! Whether you’re setting up your first TCM clinic, an established practitioner looking for a new Chinese and Western herb line, or a practicing veterinarian, you have found a home.

Get started with classic formulas you already know well. Explore our product lines to find the ones that fit your — and your clients’ — needs.

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Watch this how-to webinar showcasing how to order products here on the new Kan website, as well as managing your product markup to patients, drop shipping to them, recommending (similar to prescribing) formulas to patients for them to order on their own, and more.  


Love in a Bottle – The Kan Difference

As a company that helps people enjoy better health through herbs, we seek to show love and respect for everyone and everything involved as we craft and sell TCM formulas. It’s our intention that in addition to our potent herbs, we include a little love in each bottle.


Concentrated Liquid Extracts

Created by formulators who are prominent experts in their field, liquid extracts are a highly bioavailable form of herb delivery. While we offer tablets and capsules as well, our unique extracts are ideal for people with weak digestion or difficulty swallowing pills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers 24/7/365 to the questions we hear most from practitioners and consumers.

To register for an account as a practitioner, please fill out our registration form at www.kanherb.com/register, which asks for your license (including license number and an image of your license).

To register as a consumer, please have your practitioner set you up with your own login information and product recommendations.

We now only send a packing slip with every order, if you would like to see pricing information, you can access that through your account on the website where you’ll be able to download and print invoices directly.

Dropshipping requires that you enter the client’s information at checkout in the “Shipping” field and then pay for the order with your own payment information. By sending a client a recommendation, you are opening an account where they can access their recommended formulas at any time and place an order with their own payment information.

Request a Consultation

We’re happy to share the knowledge and experience of our seasoned TCM practitioners and trained herbalists as you’re evaluating the ideal formula for your client. Contact us to request email or phone assistance.


Customer Service

Since 1987 we have been a reliable source for US-manufactured pure, potent, safe, and effective Chinese herbal products. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, quick and accurate order filling, and access to trained herbalists for practitioner consultations.