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Product information, recommendations, dosage data, contraindications, and drug-herb interactions are all part of our expert consultation services.

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All of our consultants are licensed Acupuncturists with extensive training in Chinese herbs. They are experts in our products and the practical aspects of their use.

Kan Herb Company - Request for Herbalist Consultation

Kan strives to support our customers with product knowledge and other information so that you can be a confident practitioner when using Kan herbal products. We make Kan's staff of herbalists available for up to 20 minutes for a consultation to answer any questions you have. This is part of Kan's commitment to provide quality products supported by excellent customer service.

Filling out this form to request a consultation represents consent with the following disclaimer: Kan is happy to make herbal formula suggestions for you with the knowledge that, as the practitioner, you retain ultimate responsibility for your client's well-being. In accordance with US Food and Drug Administration guidelines, Kan Herb Company and its employees will not claim to treat, diagnose, mitigate or cure any disease.

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