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About Kan Herb Company

We envision a world where people and the planet thrive together by embracing and integrating herb knowledge into their rituals and daily lives.


The Kan Legacy

Since 1987 we have been a reliable source for US-manufactured pure, potent, safe, and effective Chinese herbal products. Our loyal following of seasoned practitioners have relied upon our products and trusted their efficacy for decades.

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    Quality Assurance

    We manufacture, evaluate, and rigorously test our ingredients and products in-house at our Santa Cruz, CA facilities and by independent US labs, testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological contaminants.

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    Made with Respect

    We honor the deep traditions of Chinese herbal medicine while formulating new products for Western practitioners and embracing the latest innovations in manufacturing, packaging, and inventory technology.

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    Our Team

    We are committed to serving both seasoned and new practitioners, providing excellent customer service, quick and accurate order filling, and the availability of trained herbalists for client consultations.

Traditional & Modern Products for Practitioners

We manufacture ten lines of traditional and modern herbal products formulated by skilled clinical herbalists who are esteemed experts. Many of our formulas are rare or unique offerings in the marketplace.


Created by Expert Formulators

While many of our product lines were created based on traditional formulas, our formulators continue to innovate — creating products for today’s health practitioners.


Our Unique Concentrated Extracts

Liquid extracts are the most bioavailable form of delivery available. Our concentrated liquid extracts are ideal for people with weak digestion or difficulty swallowing pills.


To ensure that our potent products are used as intended, we sell them only to licensed practitioners and trained herbalists. If you’re just setting up your first clinic, or rejoining the Kan family, please register today.


A Culture of Service

We believe that service goes beyond filling orders and answering questions to becoming a valued partner through our dedicated customer service and expert consultations with herbalists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers 24/7/365 to the questions we hear most from practitioners and consumers.

We now accept all card types as well as PayPal and ShopPay.

Your order will be updated with a tracking number and a confirmation email will be sent to your email on file. 

We accept unopened product back with a 15% restocking fee up to 60 days from purchase. Once the product is received by our QA team and approved to be restocked, we will issue you a refund. 

We no longer store card information on our backend system. If you place an order over the phone, please have your card information ready. 

Yes! We are in the office and we will be answering phones Mon-Fri. If we miss you, we will call you back as soon as we are able. 

We no longer offer custom prescription labels, however, these can be easily found online for purchase. 

Shipping rates vary based on location and order size. We use UPS and USPS shipping services. We also provide free Ground Shipping for orders over $150, and free 3-Day Select for orders over $200.

Request a Consultation

We’re happy to share the knowledge and experience of our seasoned TCM practitioners and trained herbalists. You can request email or phone assistance.

Our Partners

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