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Kan Herb Company
Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust

Pioneers in Nutritive Mushroom Preparation

Fungi survive and thrive upon the decay of the forest floor through their dual power of self-protection and self-transformation. Unlike other plants that, dazzling green with chlorophyll, synthesize nutrients from the radiant sun, crimson, tawny and inky mushrooms flourish by a different mechanism. While plants absorb carbon dioxide and liberate oxygen, mushrooms mimic human respiration, captivating oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. In keeping with the forest ecology, plants then reuse this carbon dioxide to manufacture their food. By discharging enzymes into the matter upon which they feed, fungi break down complex carbohydrates and proteins into simpler compounds. This process of decomposition enriches the soil and makes essential substances available to plants in a form they can absorb.

In China, mushrooms are used as part of a food strategy to benefit the entire organism. In traditional terms, these herbs would be said to support defensive Qi and Wei. In modern language, this translates as herbs that support immunity. A two fold, temperature-specific water and alcohol technology extracts complex sugars like polysaccharides that are soluble in water as well as oils such as triterpenoids and other resins that are soluble in alcohol. Products extracted through both water and alcohol are more nutritionally complete and active. Experience the clarity and pure flavor of a MycoHerb product yourself, and compare it to any other.

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