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Sage Solutions

Formulated by Efrem Korngold, L.A.c., O.M.D.
and Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac.

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Since time immemorial, practitioners have been stirred by the imperative to do something for others. In response to the ever present need to support physical and emotional wellbeing, the Chinese in the 11th century and the Europeans in the 19th century invented herbal formularies and established factories to produce ready-made formulas available to the public. These were the product of an empirical, pragmatic tradition that paralleled the rational framework of acupuncture and dietetic precepts articulated in the Huang Di Nei Jing. These formulas were packaged and marketed so that any literate person, including expert herbalists, could study what was available, read the indications, and choose a formula that suited them.

Sage Solutions are one of the most recent contributions to this tradition. We are in the same position as our ancestral Chinese forebears. As contemporary herbalists, we are challenged daily to provide solutions for people that will support them.

Sage Solutions can elegantly and efficiently assist. Their properties and indications are easily understood and therefore easy to choose and simple to use. They are sage solutions because they embody the wisdom of centuries of knowledge and experience.

The Sage Solutions repertoire now includes 22 formulas designed to address a diverse spectrum of imbalances affecting Qi, Moisture, Blood and the five organ networks. Sage Solutions may be used singly, combined with one another or with Chinese Modular Solutions and Gentle Warriors.

Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D. and Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac.

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