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    Bug Beater

    Sage Solutions

    Expels Wind, transforms Phlegm while clearing Heat and Du from the Blood.

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    Every good herbologist likes to have superior formulas for the early stage of External Wind Heat invasions, and Bug Beater is one of these. Among the most popular of the classical formulas for addressing this all too common pattern known as a Wind Heat is the renowned 18th century formula, Honeysuckle and Forsythia Du Resolving Tablets (Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien). Like Yin Chiao, Bug Beater supports the primary defenses of the body when the intensity of the invading Wind and Heat penetrates the first line of resistance in the skin and muscle layer corresponding to the Tai Yang system (the Urinary Bladder and Small Intestine channels). Unlike Yin Chiao, however, the ingredients in Bug Beater also support the second and third layers of the body’s defenses that correspond to the Shao Yang (the Gallbladder and Triple Burner Channels) and Yang Ming (the Stomach and Large Intestine channels) systems. It is important to stem the external Heat invasion before it penetrates deeply into the Tai Yin and Shao Yin layers.

    The primary ingredients in Bug Beater Pubescent holly root, Kudzu root, Isatis root and leaf and Sweet wormwood herb are strong Wind, Heat and Du clearing agents.


    Pubescent holly root, Isatis root and leaf and Sweet wormwood herb are bitter, cold-natured herbs that reduce Heat and discharge Du. Modern clinical and laboratory studies have documented the properties of these natural agents to support the health of many organs and tissues for example the endothelium lining the arterial system and protect them from the effects of oxidative stress and inflammation.

    European verbena herb and Gypsum support the other Heat and Du clearing herbs. Together these two ingredients are effective for relieving the accumulation of Internal Heat without causing loss of Qi and Moisture through perspiration.

    Gambir stem branch and twig is a cooling herb that dispels Internal Wind (flaring of Liver Fire) that often accompanies Internal Heat and Internal Wind patterns. Finally, Evodia fruit is a warm-natured herb that protects the Stomach Qi by countering the intense cooling effects of the primary herbs in the formula and supports the Qi of the Stomach and Spleen.