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The Foundation: Quality Raw Materials

At Kan Herb Company, quality starts at the source. We stand apart as one of the few companies that inspect, validate and test all raw herbal ingredients (herbs in whole form) in the United States before manufacturing begins. Kan Herb Company uses premium grade, sulfur-free, fresh wild crafted and organically grown herbs whenever possible. Ingredients that have been fumigated, sulfur-packed, or listed as endangered species are rejected.

  • Upon arrival at our facility in Northern California, all herbs are inspected by herbal consultants licensed in Traditional Chinese Herbology for freshness, quality and proper genus and species, using traditional organoleptic methods. The herbs' size, shape, aroma, taste and texture are examined for the purpose of identification as well as quality.

  • Additionally, herbs are analyzed and referenced against an extensive database, developed by Kan Herb Company. This database holds detailed specification sheets describing the physical characteristics and quality markers of more than 300 Chinese herbs, as well as samples of each.

  • Inferior quality herbs, adulterations, or substitutions are identified and rejected.

Herbs processed in China are sometimes preserved with sulfur to give them the appearance of freshness. As a result, herbs may contain unacceptable levels of sulfites. At Kan Herb Company, our first concern is safety, and we make every effort to ensure that our herbs are sulfite-free.

Testing for Safety

Once the herbs have passed the initial quality control requirements, a proportional sample is sent for testing for heavy metals, over 250 types of pesticide residues, and microbiological contaminants. We ensure that our products are free of any herb that may contain aristolochic acid.

Kan Herb Company complies to, and exceeds, the most stringent safety standards in the industry, as set by California, the leader in the alternative health and environmental arenas. Our safety limits meet or exceed United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) recommended limits for heavy metals, total bacterial count, yeast, mold, E. Coli and Salmonella. All testing and validation is conducted in the United States by independent, FDA recognized laboratories, following published methodologies. The newest technologies are employed, providing a high level of sensitivity for any desired marker, and a highly accurate representation of activity. This ensures that all of our tests meet modern standards, are unbiased, comprehensive, accurate, and available in reports that are easy to understand. Thanks to the rigorous testing of each herbal ingredient, our customers are assured that Kan Herb Company's proprietary products are composed of the highest quality medicinal materials, making them as safe as possible.