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Wei Te Ling

Wei Te Ling

Kan Traditionals

Redirects rebellious Stomach Qi downward, strengthens the Stomach, relieves Stomach stagnation, invigorates Blood and dispels stasis.

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Wei Te Ling is a relatively modern formula, used to relieve acute stagnation in the Stomach by directing rebellious Qi downward and by moving Blood stasis. It may be used alone, but is most useful when combined with a constitutional formula. A wide variety of underlying patterns contribute to this excess presentation. Acid producing foods, such as hot and spicy foods, and stress often lead to stomach discomfort accompanied by occasional acidity, belching, bloating or other occasional stomach disharmonies.

Simple in structure, Wei Te Ling focuses on alleviating stagnation, harmonizing the Stomach and invigorating the Blood. Cuttlefish bone, the chief herb, addresses stomach acidity, drains Dampness and alleviates stagnation. Prepared Corydalis yanhusuo tuber and Bee honey reinforce the actions of the chief herb in alleviating stagnation, moving Blood and strengthening the Middle Burner. Tienchi ginseng root and rhizome was added to the original formula for its capacity to restrain Blood while simultaneously invigorating it and relieving Blood stasis. Wei Te Ling calms rebellious Stomach Qi, harmonizes and strengthens the Middle Burner.

It is recommended that Wei Te Ling be combined with a constitutional herbal formula, such as Six Gentlemen or Prosperous Farmer to tonify the Spleen and support healthy digestive functions, or Free and Easy Wanderer to move Liver Qi stagnation.

Several formulas address similar patterns. Stomach Support addresses Stomach Fire with concurrent Stomach and Kidney Yin deficiency. Digestive Harmony Formula addresses excess patterns of food stagnation. Peaceful Earth addresses a pattern of food stagnation while simultaneously strengthening the Spleen Qi and expelling Wind.

Stomach Special Effective (Wei Te Ling) is a modern formula.