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Restore Restraint

Sang Piao Xiao San

Kan Essentials

Tonifies Kidney, tonifies Heart Qi and Blood to anchor the Spirit, restrains leakage of Essence.

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Restore Restraint (Sang Piao Xiao San) addresses a disharmony between the Kidney and the Heart. Its action is two-fold – to harmonize the Kidney and Heart, thereby calming the Spirit, and to restrain the leakage of fluids.

Dragon bone, Poria with wood root, Polygala root and Altaica rhizome calm the Spirit and ease restlessness. Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome tonifies the Qi, while Dong quai root tonifies the Blood. Mantis egg-case and Palmleaf raspberry fruit astringe the leakage of fluids. Polygala root and Poria with wood root direct the focus of the formula towards the Kidney and Bladder.