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    Five Seeds Formula

    Wu Ren Wan

    Kan Traditionals

    Mositens the Intestines, tonifies Blood, Kidney and Jin Ye.

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    Five Seeds Formula is a gentle formula to moisten dryness in the intestines due to Yin, Blood or body fluid deficiency and move stagnation lodged in the bowels. It moistens dryness in the intestines that is due to Yin, Blood or body fluid deficiency. The formula relies on seeds that are rich in oils to lubricate the intestines, and is mild enough for children and the elderly.

    The chief herbs in the formula are dry fried peeled Peach seed and dry fried Apricot seed. Both are bitter and oily. Together they moisten the bowels, invigorate the Blood and drive the Qi downward.

    The combination of Biota seed, dry fried Japanese bush cherry seed, dry fried Black sesame seed and Bee honey work together to further moisten the Intestines. Dry fried Black sesame seed and Bee honey have replaced Pine nut, found in the original formula. Dry fried Black sesame seed moistens the bowels tonifies Blood, strengthens Kidney and Liver, and lubricates the intestine. Bee honey moistens and lubricates the bowels and strengthens the Middle Burner, making it a good support for the Spleen and Stomach, and harmonizes the other herbs in the formula. Dong Quai root has been added to tonify Blood and moisten the bowels. Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit, the assistant, is a large portion of the formula. It moves Qi, guides the actions of the other herbs to the bowels, unblocks the intestines, and supports peristalsis.

    When stronger signs of Yin deficiency are present, combine with Rehmannia Six or Quiet Contemplative. For stronger signs of Blood deficiency, combine with Gather Vitality or Four Substances. For signs of Blood and Qi deficiency, combine with Women’s Precious from the Kan Herbals line. For Qi and Blood deficiency with Cold signs, combine with Ten Treasures.

    Origins and DevelopmentEffective Formulas from Generations of Scholars (1345).