Happy (almost) spring from Kan! Check out our promotions for some great sales:
We'll be offering monthly promotions on expiring product - see below for details

Kan Promotions


Monthly Promotional Formula:

We are offering 50% off of:

  • Sage Solutions: Resilience - all tablet sizes
  • Sage Solutions: Chill Chaser - all extract sizes
  • Jade Man Line by Jane Littleton: Jade Treasure Cool - all tablet sizes
  • Gentle Warriors - Peacemakers: Waterseeker - 2oz and 4oz extract sizes

Look below for discount codes to enter at checkout and receive 50% off.

You may access the products below:

For a 50% discount on all tablet sizes, enter code RESEXPTAB. Expiring 4/2024

For a 50% off discount enter code CCHEXPEXT at checkout for all extract sizes. Expiring 4/2024

For a 50% off discount on all tablet sizes enter code JTCOEXPTAB at checkout. Expiring 4/2024

For a 50% off discount enter code WSKEXPEXT at checkout for the 2oz and 4oz extract. Expiring 4/2024