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Your Online Distribution Center with Kan Herb Company

Serving the changing needs of your customers

The Distribution Center Delivery Service is easy and convenient, offering maximum flexibility for you and your customers. With this program, practitioners can create individual distributions for their customers by selecting products from a comprehensive offering of classical and modern formulas. Individual customer profiles can be quickly updated at any time. The provider indicates the number of refills and expiration date for each distribution, as well as the price to the customer; Kan Herb Company keeps track of the markup earnings and pays them monthly to the practitioner.

Modern Convenience Available Exclusively Online

Customers pick up their distributions and pay for them on our secure website. With each distribution order, Kan Herb Company informs the customer of the number of refills available and length of time left for the pick up of remaining refills. The distributions are shipped to the address indicated and an email confirmation is sent. Status of orders can be viewed online at any time. It's easy and convenient, offering maximum flexibility for you and your customers.

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