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Tips for Administering Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas to Animals

Bioavailable Extracts

Liquid extracts are the most bioavailable form of Chinese herbal formula delivery available, surpassing any other type of concentration including tablets and concentrated powders. Because of the low dosage required, they are the preferred method for the treatment of cats. They are easy to digest and excellent for older animals and those with poor digestion or immune deficiencies. Liquid extracts are assimilated within 15 minutes of ingestion.

If an alcohol-free administration is desired, the alcohol can be diluted or evaporated, or the extract drops may be added to freshly boiled water. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate. The extract drops can then be added to drinking water, food or directly by dropper to the animal's mouth.

Recipes to Increase Compliance

Dogs and Cats: mix the extracts with a choice of several different ingredients including glycerin, honey, fish, tuna fish water, chicken broth or clam juice. Glycerin and honey are palatably sweet while fish covers the flavor. Water-packed tuna is effective for dispensing to cats. If the dog or cat has little or no appetite or diarrhea, mixing the extract with a bit of chicken broth works well.

Horses and Ponies: combine the herbal extract with apple cider vinegar, or with honey or molasses and mix into oats or pellets.

Efficacious Tablets

Tablets are convenient for ensuring consistent dosage over longer periods of time and for alcohol sensitive animals. They are also are an excellent mode of delivery for larger animals such as dogs and horses.

Edible Tips

Crush the tablets and mix into food to assist in the animal's maximum absorption of the Chinese herbs.

Dogs and Cats - hide the whole or crushed tablets in small pieces of their favorite food. For example a tablet may be wrapped inside a slice of turkey or chicken, or be hidden in a piece of cheese or meat. Although our tablets are not considered odorous by human standards, they could be for animals. A strongly flavored food, such as tuna fish, may be used to mask the odor.

Horses and Ponies - mix the crushed tablets with honey or molasses and blend with pellets or oats. You can hide the tablets in their favorite food as well.


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