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Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis

Kan Herb Company is one of the few traditional Chinese herbal formula companies to provide Certificates of Analysis for all proprietary formulas and single herb extracts. Certificates of Analysis are critical to support purity and testing claims.

The caliber of a Certificate of Analysis is only as good as the integrity of the laboratories, methodologies and tools used to perform the tests. Premier independent US laboratories perform and validate Kan Herb Company's tests, utilizing the latest stringent methodologies and cutting edge scientific equipment. Our certificates of Analysis are easy to read.

View a sample Certificate of Analysis to find out more about the tests performed, methodologies used and laboratories employed. Simply click on the area of interest to get the pertinent information.

Certificates of Analysis may be viewed and downloaded by entering the product name, format and lot number.


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